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5 out 5 stars
5 out 5 stars
Review by: UBULBI - posted November 2, 2008
Describe Groove Spoon in under 120 words, ha!
Different, rock, jazz, harmony, fusion, imagery, call and response, happy, sad, funny, serious, not serious, extreme, packed with notes thoughts and feelings, complete, lost, under appreciated, hidden, missing.

This band is one of my all time favorites. I have made a copy of it to play and keep the original in a safe. When I first found them in a bargan bin I had no idea who they were. I looked around for more stuff on them but came up with nothing. I even offered a group of people $50 at one time for more music from them. I love the call and response between the wind instruments and the harmony of vocals. Kind of like a pretty Fleetwood Mac song with a jazzy symphony behind it. Maybe described also as a flow of music that was ment to be together like the Greatful Dead when they just jam. Even a lot of the lyrics are special. Mostly funny and off the wall with some sad and serious but almost all has feeling. A few tracks are just weird "things" going on, but just make me smile and my heart laugh. I have to admit when I first heard them I was not used to the style of music they play as it is so different from anything I really have heard. I don't think I disliked them that much, but I certainly didn't appreciate them the way I do now. Its the kind of thing that grows on you and gets better, not boring after the luster wears off. I guess their was just so much going on in the band it sounded confused, but now I can see where each beat is going and it sounds more like the instruments are dueling in a lightsaber battle. I once again decided to look them up and see what is going on as it has been a while since I tried. I am now seeing postings for them and that is encouraging. I believe they are from Michigan, but I really don't know were they came from or where they went, but I do know I have this album an love it. I don't understand why this isn't more mainstream. Kinda makes me wonder what did happen to them and if they could get it together again, or if everyone just missed a whole new kind of music. I think it would be so much fun if I could live off of being their sound mixer. Sitting around listening to them play would hardly seem like work, even if they have a lot of channels to work with.


Psychic Gyration Review